Three normal hijabi best friends residing in Canada; Nicolette, Batoul &Fatima. ____________________________________ Please feel free to submit your pictures! __________________________________
why are you such hypocrites - you make a big thing about the hijab at the same time as making shareholders in Revlon Rimmel and Chanel very happy with your fashion purposes - you represent all that is wrong with modern youth in affluent countries - wanting to satisfy every whim instantly - yet cloaking it with a reference to a dated defunct and dangerous religion - bad sad girls - go get some education (oh, is that allowed?)


I'm not of the Islamic faith, but I really appreciate that your religion values modesty so highly!

Thank you! 

September 1, 2014
June 27, 2014
June 20, 2014


if you missed a prayer,

still pray.

even if you’re praying 8 hours late, STILL pray.

Allah may still accept your prayer if it’s sincere.

if you lose your salaah, what have you got left?

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